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This wiki was used during the project but is now closed. This page is 'frozen' as it was at the end of the project (November 2014).


Examples of Resources

(not portals, catalogues, sites etc.)


Symbol materials and children stories in portuguese - list of files in dropbox


  • See attached file for a list of resources, suggested tags etc.





  • Metadatata translated into English once you visit the site in English
  • About 2500 objects (9% of KlasCement = Special Needs)
  • Identified by ‘disabilities’


  • On this site we collect resources that are specifically designed to be used with children and adolescents with special needs. Contributions that were not specifically designed for this target group, but that have an obvious added value can be found as well. Examples: explicit differentiation, strong visualisation, step by step planning, etc.
  • Content is identified by 1) the contributor (teacher) 2) a KlasCement moderator (experienced in Special Needs)


  • +10000 members, contains about 50% of the teachers who are active in Special Education. This is more than the 1/3 teachers we reach through
  • These members become automatically their membership on

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Interesting to see how collections like these categorise resources:


Catalogue of assistive technology freeware created by the University of Athens. you can browse by disability (Speech, Hearing, Motor, Blindness and Low Vision) or category (Voice Recognition, Screen Daisy Reader, Calculator, Mouse Cursor, Click Helper, Virtual Keyboard, Camera Mouse, Alternative Communication, Text To Speech, Screen Magnifier, Braille Translator, Web Browser, Mouse Emulator, Contrast Adjustment, Keyboard Shortcuts, Voice Mail, Clock, Video Call).

United Kingdom

The Open Source Assistive Technology Software site lets you browse products by the need that they meet, eg viewing the screen, or by type, eg text to speech. Attractive icons make increase the site's appeal.

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