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This wiki was used during the project but is now closed. This page is 'frozen' as it was at the end of the project (November 2014).


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WP1: Management

2014 deadlines


  • task: contribution to the 3rd Year Innovation report --> by 15/11

WP3 Work complete.


  • fill in the 3rd cycle quality assurance questionnaires --> by 25/10


Remaining 2014 meetings (more details in partner area WP1 folders):

21-22 October, Brussels

13-14 November, Switzerland

Ida's videos of previous peer learning visits Tallinn SENnet meeting - Lisbon SENnet meeting - Austria SENnet meeting - Copenhagen SENnet meeting - Leuwen SENnet meeting -

WP2: Research and analysis

This wiki is for ongoing information and discussions on topics.

Mobile learning and Inclusion

Universal Design for Learning and Learning Disorders

  1. Examples of frameworks can be seen in UDL frameworks.
  2. Accessible Digital Office Documents and Office Applications :

WP3: Access to content

This wiki is for discussions on developing a standards-based vocabulary to improve access to digital content, eg on the Learning Resource Exchange.
  • Updated D3.1: Content Issues D3.1 (doc)
  • Work by Elena Shulman on adapting IMS Access for All Specification v3.0 Core Profile for SENnet:

Examples of resources

Post your links to Resources that are good examples of the kind of objects we would like to describe. Click on the link to find out more.

Standards and specifications

Please click on the link and post suggested Standards for describing resources with adaptive features. Then we can discuss the relative merit of each standard and which parts will be useful for our work.

Issues to be discussed

  1. Translation: Are we going to gather materials in every partner’s language? Are we going to translate into all languages? Are we selecting a few and translate them?
  2. Start with a national set of resources already connected to the LRE, e.g. Belgium’s Klascement
  3. SENnet work plan has a target of 200 and also a commitment to conduct a survey of ministries on SEN resource collections in spring 2013

Note that, for the planned 2013 survey of ministries on SEN resources (see attachment ICT for Inclusion - Country Survey), they have already been asked to complete a lengthy survey on SEN. However there is no question about digital resources as such.

Meeting Minutes and Recordings



Workpackage 4 - Competence Development of Educators

Moodle online course «Inclusion and Accessing Technology» (english version)

Moodle online course «Inclusion and Accessing Technology» - (area Educação Especial) - developed in 2012. The english version was a starting point for adaptation to national versions, considering national legislation, publications and other resources.

Screencasts presenting the structure of Moodle online course (english version):

Moodle online course «Inclusão e Acesso à Tecnologia» (portuguese version)

Screencast of portuguese online course (Moodle) - validated in October-November 2012 - quick view of structure, adaptations, production and replacement of resources by portuguese material, evaluation by participants -

OER module in UDUTU (english version)

OER module in UDUTU -

WP4 Report

WP4 Report (Feb 2014 update) -

Links of interest

Link to article: « Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning: Two Sides of the Same Coin», by David Rose et al. -

WP6/7: Dissemination and Exploitation of results

21 October 2014: Seminar on tablets and learners with special needs, Brussels, Belgium

16-17 September: Tallinn, Estonia

28 May workshop on access to information, Brussels - see Resources area

Video of Austria meeting and visit to schools (October 2013) Video of Copenhagen meeting and visit to schools (March 2013) -

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