Teacher support (WP4)

The key outputs of SENnet for teachers are case study videos and a set of professional development modules, described here. A detailed final report has been produced on the development and piloting of the modules

Free online course: Inclusion and technology

SENnet partners, led by the Portuguese education ministry, have created and localised a six-module course for teachers.

Modules (and screencasts in English presenting the structure of the course) (English):

  1. Inclusion of pupils with SEN in mainstream schools (screencast)
  2. Instructional modifications (screencast)
  3. Universal Design for Learning (screencast)
  4. Web accessibiity (screencast)
  5. Assistive technologies (screencast)
  6. Accessible Open Educational Resources and Learning Design (screencast)

PORTUGUESE PLATFORM - http://moodle.dgidc.min-edu.pt/course/view.php?id=520 and MOOC INCTEC 2014 http://inctec2014.blogspot.pt/ (Portuguese) 

ENGLISH PLATFORM - moodle.dgidc.min-edu.pt/course/view.php?id=482  (English) No registration needed, just click on the visitor button ('Entrar como visitante')

AUSTRIAN PLATFORM - http://www3.edumoodle.at/sennet/course/view.php?id=2 (German) - the original Portuguese content was adapted for self-access learning

BELGIAN PLATFORM - http://www.letop.be/e-learning/hoofdpagina (Flemish)

ESTONIAN PLATFORM - http://www.koolielu.ee/  - tutored courses (Estonian)

ITALIAN PLATFORM - http://handitecno.indire.it/ and  http://for.indire.it/neo2014/ (log in required) content adapted for self-access learning (Italian)

TURKISH PLATFORM - http://www.eba.gov.tr/sennet - resources and advice for teachers (Turkish)

 Screen shot of SENnet course home page

MOOC INCTEC 2014 was a massive open online course resulting from the fusion of the previous course/modules took place in Portugal in the first semester of 2014, totally free and open to anybody interested in inclusion and technology issues. It was delivered in Portuguese and opened to enrolments from Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African countries with 927 enrolments.

It was delivered using only open tools, the main website using Blogger - http://inctec2014.blogspot.pt/ and Google tools - google forms/questionnaires.

Social media used:

Other open tools were used as aggregators of resources and activities, such as:

Screencast highlighting some of the artifacts produced along the MOOC by participants: http://youtu.be/FZZrw7VZcAE (embed)

eTwinning webinar, April 2014

Watch the recording (60 minutes, English).

Guidelines for accessible media

The ICT4IAL project aims to improve the accessibility of information used in schools. Guidelines are forthcoming but here are some useful links: